Latinos in New York City High Schools

Principal Investigator: Ofelia García

with Haiwen Chu, Suzanne Dikker, Nelson Flores, Laura Kaplan, and Heather Homonoff Woodley

A collaborative research project of the Urban Education Program of The CUNY Graduate Center, RISLUS (Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Societies), and the NYC Department of Education, Office of English Language Learners

In response to the special needs of the Latino community in New York, we embarked on a collaborative research project to investigate how successful New York City public high schools educate Latino students, and in particular emergent bilingual Latino students. The two overarching questions that guided our research were:
• How are NYC Latino students with different characteristics being educated?
• What are the practices, structures, and stories within high schools that are successful in educating Latino students?

It is the purpose of our study to focus on the actual practices and experiences of school leaders, teachers, support staff, and Latino students in New York City high schools. It is in the hopes that gaining insight into what happens at these schools will provide practical methods and transferable practices to share with other schools that might be working with similar populations.

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